The HealthCare Connect application places a lot of emphasis on the post-appointment functionality; designed to give the customer a greater satisfaction with their visit/experience, but also streamline the entire process between the two parties.

Interior Positioning System (IPS) or ‘way-finding’ will help the patient once the appointment is completed; directing them to fulfill their prescription, or directing them to where they parked their car. Based on their location a simple survey can be kicked off asking for feedback on their experience, or a simple messaging system identifying the next steps in their care, tied to your EMR. The proposal is based upon enabling the pharmacy fills and Patient Satisfaction Survey, which have been reported as the lion share of priority, but these are also things you can do provided the integrations are available:

  • Schedule a wheelchair or other modality for discharge
  • Push a UPC code to interact with the parking ramp
  • Post Procedure data; asking questions of health, morning resting heart rates, body weight, and pain levels
  • Prescribe home exercises, physical therapy, or other activity
  • Refill medications when current scrip expires
  • Notifications for other ancillary services